The IVM Group is a family-owned company, represented in the Chairmanship of the Holding company, which ensures continuity, stability and long-term prospects. The Subsidiaries Companies have their own management structure, an in-depth knowledge of the field and of the Countries in which they operate. The Group's commitment is to ensure to its employees a highly qualified Technical and Organizational work environment, in which responsibility and individual initiative are valued and acknowledged. An employment relationship must be founded on a solid sharing of objectives, principles, values​​ and respect for rules and executed agreements. For us, the training of  employees is an essential requirement in today's world, given the global socio-economic context. Each year we invest many resources in this fundamentally important strategic area: numerous training and update classes are offered on several topics, including safety, technology and every essential areas for the development, which have involved employees in several Italian and foreign offices. Our objective is to generate a wealth of knowledge that can improve, personally and professionally, our partners. For this reason we have created the IVM Knowledge Centre, a centre of excellence in the training of wood coatings, reserved to IVM partners, distributors, resellers and customers. The IVM Knowledge Centre aims at guaranteeing a constant update on products and technologies, the cycles that are most suitable in achieving the desired results, on the choice of coating systems and on any other matters related to wood coating.

Whatever the position which you may consider to apply for with our Group, you need to decide if you recognise yourself in the following statement. This is essential to us:

  • I have a high ethical and moral sense; I believe that besides compliance with the law, I should always maintain a behaviour based on solid moral principles, respecting and working with everyone, regardless of gender, ethnicity and religion, as well as keeping one's word and respecting agreements.
  • I have envisioned the future  I want for myself and my family; I am aware of my priorities, the balance between work and private life, and my own limits, and do not undertake commitments that are not compatible with these principles. Once I set my goals, I pursue them with commitment and determination, tenacy and timelinessI don’t leave for tomorrow what can, and must be, decided and done today.
  • I am looking for a long term professional relationship, knowing that a long term investment in activities, plans and projects is a prerequisite for strong and lasting professional growth and success.
  • I am aware that work not only offers economic satisfaction, but it also demands energy, passion, commitments and cooperation that cannot always be stated specifically in  a contract.
  • I am aware that my work, as well as the work of any service provider, is first of all assessed on the basis of achieved results (the best product-service at the lowest price) and not only for its good intentions, as one does when one  spends their own money. As a Customer, I always choose, reward or dismiss the supplier  who doesn't offer me the best.
  • I want to learn, study, know and constantly improve, also through training, the results of my work, in the belief that "you never stop learning" and that we must address global challenges.
  • I have the technical and educational background and enough experience to succeed in achieving the expected results. I have an excellent knowledge of the English language

Adriano Teso
IVM Group Chairman