On 30th  November 2020 the innovative plant, built in the factory in Parona, was launched for the production of UV coatings with Bio renewable raw materials of waste vegetable origin and not intended for human nutrition.
The construction of the new fully automated closed-circuit system is part of IVM Group's adhesion to LIFE, a European Union program to promote the protection of The environment, nature and biodiversity.

The Mayor of Parona, Marco Lorena, participated, representing the local institutions, in the launch of the new area dedicated to the innovative production process, which was born from the idea of offering eco-sustainable products on the market.

The Project, named LIFE BIOPAINT, has as its objective the reduction of CO2 emissions of 30% on year basis.

This new production process confirms even more the IVM Group's commitment to sustainability and attention to the territory and the environment.

More information about the project on website:  www.ivm-lifebiopaint.com/en/