Kathmandu (Nepal), January 2020 – Milesi - a brand of the IVM Group, a global leader in the production of wood coatings – joins the Mt Everest Fashion Runway, by providing  the new line of waterborne impregnator coatings, specific for decking, to the ramp of the world’s highest ecological fashion show, at an altitude of 5.643 meters.

The exclusive Mt Everest Fashion Runway, created in collaboration with Save the Earth, is the first edition of an annual event which will be held every year on same time and it will create a Guinness world record for the highest fashion show on earth.

The runway show will take place near the Everest base camp, Kala Patthar, and is made by the Nepalese brand Kasa as a concrete testimonial to the environmental commitment of the fashion system towards important issues, such as global climate change and the increasingly urgent need for ethical, sustainable fashion. Kasa will present its collection made of entirely sustainable, biodegradable, natural materials. After the fashion show, the ecological garments will be available for sale to all.

Over twenty models from all over the world, a team of photographers, TV operators as well as a team of technicians (ensuring the trip respects environmentally responsible parameters) will face the trek to Mount Everest, starting on January 17th from the Nepalese city of Lukla, one of the access gates to the Himalayas. They will continue to Kala Patthar, the magical setting of the runway show scheduled for January 25th.

Milesi welcomed the challenge of providing wood coatings for the special made catwalk by selecting the maple color waterborne impregnator specific for decking and exterior wooden flooring with excellent resistance to foot traffic and capable of withstanding truly daunting climatic conditions,  Serie XWT510x – Color System.

All dimensions of the world’s most exciting, scenographic fashion show adhere to the dictates of eco-sustainability: the carbon emitted by the flights to reach the base camp will be compensated with a major planting project. The Milesi coating used for the wooden catwalk, like all the other materials for the expedition, demonstrate that it is possible to adopt behaviors that are environmentally responsible and sustainable at every stage of realization, even in the world of fashion.



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MILESI wood coatings joins the Mt Everest Fashion Runway painting the ramp of the highest altitude fashion runway of the history with the new series of waterborne impregnators specific for decking designed for coating of exterior flooring and furniture

Products for Decking

Milesi’s new product series features excellent foot traffic resistance, while also offering an unparalleled protection against environmental conditions and UV exposure threats.

These impregnators have been formulated to comply with the EN71/3 European regulation on heavy metals migration related to painted toys.

Products can be applied in two or three layers, without finishing with a topcoat. They are resistant to cold liquids, to sunscreens, and they inhibit the accumulation of dirt. You can step on coated surfaces within 24 to 48 hours following application, and maintenance can be carried out using the same products, without sanding.


Serie XWT510x – Color System