IVM Chemicals water-borne coatings and top-coats are
the choices of our customer Stratex in the realization of the imposing wooden structure


IVM Chemicals water-borne coatings for exterior have been chosen to protect and guarantee the maximum resistance to atmospheric agents for the innovative wooden structure of China Pavilion, the largest foreign Pavilion built at EXPO 2015.

Exterior wood is constantly attacked by weathering, bacteria, molds, fungi, parasites and needs to be protected with specific quality products ensuring durability. IVM Chemicals products guarantee absolute protection because they create a barrier against the aggressive action of atmospheric agents, giving the wood a very high resistance.

IVM Chemicals water-borne fillers and top-coats were used for the wooden covering structure of China Pavilion, a unique architectural shape with curves, reverse curves and beams with different curvature radii, created by Stratex, one of the most important companies in the sector.

The impregnating agents penetrate the wood fiber, transporting substances that protect against blue stain and decay fungi (biological agents). The innovative raw materials used in the product formulation give the structure excellent properties of resistance to damaging UV radiation, limiting degradation of the surface lignin layers that cause the detachment of the coating film.

The top-coats ensure maximum elasticity even after long periods of exposure, indispensable to ensure the durability of items exposed to weather, and allow perfect resistance to harmful UV radiation.

IVM Chemicals water-borne products guarantee respect for the environment, an issue which we have always cared for, at the same time offering maximum performance. We are extremely proud to have been chosen by Stratex for this very important wooden work created for EXPO 2015, confirming the quality of our products and our ongoing commitment to research and development of cutting-edge solutions" declared Dario Bassetti, Executive Vice President of IVM Chemicals.